Christie Harper
Assistant Vice President, Marketing

Christie combines a brand strategy background and Higher Ed expertise to ensure that the SAEM/AISS division’s marketing is strategic and effective. A native Californian, she loves good food and wine, and has traveled far and wide to experience both.

Magan Alfred
Director, Marketing Strategy and Management

Magan’s institutional knowledge contributes mightily to the team. She leads the execution of marketing strategies that advance the goals of the University and the SAEM/AISS division, with an emphasis on those that achieve enrollment goals. She’s a sports watching news junkie who’s at her happiest during college football season. And Thanksgiving.

Creative Director

Evi brings a broad skill set to the team, with experience in print, TV, UI and UX design. She champions the design team, and is responsible for the division’s brand expression. When she’s not in the office, she consults with ‘esports’ (competitive gaming) companies, plays video games and sings karaoke. She can be bribed with food or adult beverages.

Sabre Sarnataro
Director, Digital Marketing

Fascinated by the psychology behind marketing, Sabre has spent her career using analysis and strategy to develop, execute and measure marketing and communications plans, specializing in digital. When not fiendishly listening to podcasts, she is either playing a board game, trying a new restaurant or planning her next trip – perhaps to one of the 9 US states she hasn't yet been to.

Director, Content Strategy & Communications

David has split his career between marketing agencies and higher-ed, using his passion for compelling copy, messaging, and strategy to guide breakthrough work at every stop. He oversees the creative content and public relations arms of the team, leveraging content channels to tell a broader UA story for numerous audiences.

Assistant Director, Marketing, UA Online

Jana has extensive experience in a variety of sales, advertising and marketing positions in the entertainment industry. While working at MTV for 10 years, she became a self-professed expert in market research, navigating the digi-lifestyle of the Millennial generation. A Tucson native, as a child she spent several Saturdays each fall in Arizona Stadium’s “knothole” section. And maybe hugged Wilbur a few times.


Senior Associate Director

Rebecca manages the marketing for Freshman Admissions and oversees the Marketing Managers. She has spent the last 20+ years growing her marketing skills primarily in agency environments. What she enjoys most about her profession is all of the client relationships she has developed over the years. Her passions are spending time with family, traveling and beating her coworkers in office dance offs.

Senior Marketing Manager

Karen uses her higher education and marketing expertise to create and implement marketing plans for different audiences across multiple platforms and media. She’s our leading expert on resource-centric planning and analytics. You can count on her for the latest in digital marketing practices, Formula 1 updates, or impromptu jingles.

Marketing Manager

Kristin brings a background of marketing strategy and management to the team. Kristin is known for having no filter. She will ask you the question that makes you blush.

Marketing Manager

Lauren’s background in coordinating and executing marketing programs across the U.S. as well as internationally has shaped her into an enthusiastic collaborator. She’s an articulate communicator, passionate about interacting and uniting multiple departments with diverse backgrounds. Yogi and food aficionado, Lauren is always in search of the finest in life.

Emily Papenfus
Administrative Associate

Emily strives to make everyone's life easier. She gains immense enjoyment out of organizing and coordinating everything around her. Her ability to instate systems where there is chaos, and the formidable talents she displays when generating reports, keeps the whole team in line. She is a cat person who cooks bomb food at every opportunity, and is therefore a hit at parties.



Antonio meets the enormous pent-up demand for his medium with enthusiasm and humor. His creativity and approach to all projects make him a valuable team member. He also single-handedly keeps Chipotle in business. Even during E. coli outbreaks.


Jason brings more than 12 years of experience of producing and directing films to the team. In addition to being behind the lens, he’s got a passion for aviation and can tell you the type of airplane flying overhead just by hearing the sound it makes.

Associate Creative Director

Dann brings decades of experience, an active imagination, and an eye for illustration and animation to the team. He moonlights (in his dreams) as a bike cop and is quite at home outdoors. His favorite quote is “remember when being outside was normal and being inside was strange” even though he isn’t that old. Yet. JK Rowling’s Weasley family is based on his own large ginger family. Go NASA!

Visual Designer

Often confused for Winona Ryder, Corinna brings to the team keen graphic design and illustration skills as well as years of experience in creative marketing design. Fun Fact: She can survive only off of caffeine, Netflix and sleep. That's it. Beetle juice, beetle juice, beetle juice!

Visual Designer

With a background in advertising, book publishing and zoo concessions, Jenny is one of the marketing team's newest members. Despite having grown up in 5 different countries, Jenny has found her forever home in Tucson. She brings a fresh eye and low-light indoor plants to the office.

Visual Designer

With a background in fine arts and graphic design, Tom designs marketing materials with unrelenting attention to detail and plenty of out-of-the-box ideas. A former aspiring rock star, he’s always prepared to be the office DJ and expects everyone to thoroughly enjoy his musical selections without question.


Writer and Content Manager

Caffeine and a passion for storytelling fuel this copywriter, who brings experience in news writing and advertising to the team. Amanda can’t live without coffee, Netflix, or a thesaurus. She can, however, live without the Oxford comma.

Marketing Analyst

Dillon’s background is in product development, project management, marketing and communications, business strategy, new business development, and marketing analytics. He is obsessed with improving the consumer experience and focuses on using research and data to develop consumer-centric solutions. When Dillon is not in the office you can assume he is traveling, hiking or on some sort of adventure.


Assistant Director, Technology

The team breathes easier with Greg at the helm of backups, redundancies, user accounts, software and everything critical. He makes the engines run so the magic can happen. Ask him how many bikes he owns.

UI/UX Application Designer/Developer

Andrea provides user interface and user experience solutions for a variety of digital-related media. She’s also interested in marketing strategy and brand management, which made her the only designer in her graduating MBA class. She’s also interested in chocolate, lots of chocolate.

Andrew Waegli
Web Developer, Senior

Andrew is the force behind many websites, including Dream Job, UA Yuma, SAEM/AISS, to name a few. His programming and people skills are on par with the best. When he’s not working, he’s spending time with his family and his bike. Don’t ask him who’s faster, he or Greg.

Ryan Dool
Web Developer

Ryan is the other force behind many websites. With a background in programming and a passion for statistics Ryan speaks both developer and marketer. When not at work, you can find him racing drones or at the gym.

"The Marketing team is part drill sergeant, part cheerleader and the creative dream team you get to have on speed dial."

Rachel Rivera

Director of Development, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management