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Request a photo shoot
Give us a call at 520-626-1238 or shoot us an email.
Photo guidelines
A picture is worth a thousand words. Let us help you look your best and take a photo that says all the right things.
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Existing photos
Looking for approved photo assets to use in your materials? Refer to the UA’s brand portal. Simply log into brand.arizona.edu with your Net ID and click on 'Photo Search' under ‘Downloads.'
Video process
Before you grab some popcorn to enjoy your cinema-quality video, there’s a lot of work that needs to happen first.
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Video interview guidelines
Have an upcoming on-camera interview? Don’t stress. We have plenty of tips to help you look and sound your best.
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Use this guide to maintain consistency across all written communications.

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Whether it’s photo, video or audio, the ‘talent’ you use for any published project should complete a Multi-Media Consent and Release form. Log into brand.arizona.edu with your Net ID and click on 'Marketing Resources' under 'Downloads.' The forms can be found under the ‘Guide’ section and are available in English and Spanish.


Everything starts with the information provided by our campus partners: in the case of an event, it’s the who/what/where/when/why/how. In the case of a program, it’s also the particulars. Who is your intended audience? What is the call to action? A rough draft of narrative gets us on our way. We’re happy to polish and finesse as needed, after receiving the initial information from you.
A lockup is an official, ABOR approved mark for your department, unit or program. See brand.arizona.edu for more information.
Give us a call or submit your request online. Depending on the event, photographer availability and how the photos will be used, we may or may not be able to accommodate. However, we are always happy to make recommendations for freelance photographers!
Please contact our office to fill us in on the details of what you’re looking for. We can look into our inventory to see what photos we have available or explore the option of having one of our photographers take the photo you need.
We do! Schedule a headshot using our photoshoot request form. But while we are indeed professional photographers, we aren’t professional PORTRAIT photographers. If you plan to use your head shot for 10 years, you’ll probably want to outsource this. Staff head shots for websites or student groups (Career Fairs, Arizona Ambassadors, etc.) are right up our alley.
It’s true! From print to video to digital, we are always seeking student talent to appear in the marketing materials we create. If you’d like to be added to our contact list for model requests, please email us at SAMK-CREATE@email.arizona.edu.
These protect the University from liability by ensuring models give written permission to be used for the commercial purposes specified in the release form.
When in doubt, call us! You can also check out the UA’s list of approved vendors here. Our partners in the Union – Fast Copy and Fast Design – are also great resources for you.
We’d love to take a look and offer guidance. Our team of designers are brand experts and will let you know if your project is on brand. If it’s not, we’ll make some suggestions to help you get it just right.
Do you need a simple fix on a site our office helped design? Or are you hoping for a complete overhaul of your website’s design? Either way, the best thing to do is get in touch with us. We can typically handle quick updates within shorter timeframes, but website redesigns take more time, information, planning and strategy.
For approvals of logos on promotional items, merchandise and other retail items, please contact the UA Office of Trademarks and Licensing by calling 520.626.3077 or emailing licensing@arizona.edu.
A majority of our services do have a cost associated with them. As we meet to discuss the project, we will provide more details including budgets and a description of expenses. When a program is fee- or grant-based, Marketing may charge for services, but we will do our best to work within your budget. Some expenses are hard costs such as printing or video / photo equipment (lighting, studio space, talent) and in these cases the cost is borne by the requesting department.
Our graphic and visual designers may try numerous designs before finding what works best for your project. Then, using their expertise, they will submit an electronic draft(s) to the marketing manager for your review. For some projects, the designer may also create a printed mock-up for you to review. At this point, you may make requests for any changes you’d like! The marketing manager will relay your feedback to the designer, who will make the proper adjustments. This process repeats until you approve the design. Then, the designer will work with the printer to get a printed proof for sign-off. This proof is not the time to make any major changes – it is only used by the designer to check things like ink coloring and other minor adjustments.

"Your team wins the gold star for taking the only work picture of me in 11 years that has not made me want to stab my eyes out. Also, (your student) was a delight."

Nikolas Glazier Hodge

Director of Program Development and Research Enrollment Services
Enrollment Management & Student Affairs Advancement