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February 20th, 2018
[Insert Lockup here] It’s Template Time!

Are you feeling crunched because you forgot you needed signage for your event? Are you beginning to realize that the PowerPoint presentation you’ve been using is looking a little tired?

The University’s brand website has templates for everything! There are Word Document Templates for Campus Memos, for Sign-In sheets, for Fliers… There are brochures. There are PowerPoint prezos. And that amazing event you’re about to host? Yep, the site has Temporary Sign templates too.

Use all with complete confidence that they are designed in brand. And templates save everyone time. What’s not to like?

February 6th, 2018
Stockpile YOUR “Stock” Photography

If you’re divisional staff, you’re busy right now. The spring semester does that to all of us. But while you’re in the midst of all the events and programs and initiatives that help our students be successful, be mindful of opportunities for photography.

That doesn’t mean every event lends itself to good photography. But when it does, identify someone whose job it is to capture those moments for future marketing and promotional materials.

How do you know if your event or program has the potential to produce compelling imagery? Consider whether it showcases students doing something active: sitting in front of a computer might be engaging for them, but the resulting photo might feel less than inspiring. If students are in a group they’re probably active and interacting with one another. And if the location is one that showcases our campus, chances are you’ve got beautiful blue sky and iconic Arizona imagery to work with. Just be sure to have your subjects sign a Multimedia Consent and Release Form, available by logging into

Finally, know how to use photography to convey our Arizona brand. In short, our photos should feel simple, authentic and bright. You can find tips in the photo section of our “Executing the UA Brand” workshop.

January 23rd, 2018
Never Trust Spell Check

Storytelling is one of the most influential ways we express our brand. The authentic stories of our students, employees, supporters and fans have the power to shape how our audiences perceive us. After all, marketing is emotion at its heart – and stories connect us all. It happens in a variety of ways, but a key component is writing. Whether you’re responsible for copywriting or content marketing or strategy, it all starts with the written word.

Who among us hasn't crafted a proposal or written an email only to find after hitting Send or Submit that "your" should have been "you're"? Or discovered, too late, that your use of affect vs effect was incorrect? (Insert silent screaming sound.)

We all know that spell check didn't pick it up. Spell check didn't tell us it was wrong. And we'd reviewed it so many times that we were useless as our own proofreaders.

For those of us affected by grammar faux pas, web apps such as Grammarly can effect changes in our writing. It's a busy worker bee's best friend.

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5th Annual Education Digital Marketing Awards
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Three students’ stories were documented in a “vlog” format for the 2018 recruitment year apply video.

UA Spirit Website
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This website serves as a hub for all the UA swag a Wildcat fan could ask for.

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This microsite houses information related to the Launchpad fundraising efforts for the UA’s Student Success District.

Journey to UA Website
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This website helps future Wildcats ensure they stay on track to the UA during their last years of high school.

Graduation Push Website
Merit Award
Category: Institutional Website

This website provides all of the need-to-know information about the UA’s biggest celebration of the year.

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