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November 14th, 2017
What’s a Marketing Plan? I just want a tri-fold!

Our divisional partners often approach us with requests for specific pieces. "We need a brochure / a postcard / a poster." Our response can involve asking questions. What are you trying to do? Who is your audience? What are your goals? Sometimes a brochure is the appropriate tactic, other times we may want to explore creating a marketing plan for your area.

While marketing plans can be very complex, they don't have to be. But taking the time to develop one ensures your precious marketing resources are working the hardest for you. We can help!

At a minimum, your plan should involve these elements:

  • What institutional goal does this plan support?
  • Marketing goal (how do we want our audience to feel; what perception do we want to change?)
  • Marketing objectives (what are we going to measure, and what are the goals for these metrics?)
  • Audience(s) (what are our primary audience's key attributes and motivations? What makes them act and what's competing for their attention?)
  • Messaging (aligned with UA brand)
  • Strategies (tied to objectives. The ways in which we will accomplish the goal)
  • Tactics (tied to strategies)
October 17th, 2017
Learn about Adobe Creative Cloud tools at Wednesday’s Marketing Workshop

As a UA staff or faculty member, some very powerful software is at your fingertips for free, but it can come with a big dose of anxiety. Adobe has over 40 apps for desktop and mobile use: how do you know which ones are best for you?

Come to the second marketing workshop! You’ll learn what programs make sense for your team’s specific needs, and how to create products that look professional and visually express the UA brand.

October 3rd, 2017
Photos that are Worth a Thousand (Good) Words

We live in a visual world, which means our marketing efforts live and die by the photography we use when we promote our programs and services. Fortunately, there are many simple ways to take your images to the next level.

Let’s say you want to update the staff photos on your website. The ideal backdrop is neutral and not cluttered, but not blank either. Taking photos in front of a wall is convenient, but can leave you with images that look more like mug shots. Also, consider your lighting source: too little light and your photos will seem drab and dreary. Too much, and your subject will look washed out. And always follow the golden rule – the rule of thirds, that is – for a composition that’s well balanced and visually appealing.

Have photo needs and would like to request a photographer from SAEM/AISS Marketing? It’s easier than ever thanks to our new Photo Shoot Request Form! Just click the “Request a Photo Shoot” button.

August 22nd, 2017
Marketing Workshops Announced for Fall

Sharpen your marketing skills at one of the Fall semester workshops... or come to all of them! These interactive sessions are open to ALL divisional staff, regardless of skill level or job title.

Set (mostly) on the second Wednesday of every month, 2-3 pm in the Copper room (4th floor, SUMC)


August 8th, 2017
Where is my Red Bar, and why do you keep saying "Brand"?

UA staff and faculty who’ve been on campus for a while may remember a web resource called “Red Bar”. It’s still there, but by a different name: “Brand” (or is your very robust resource for all things UA marketing- and brand-related. Recently updated and redesigned – we’re talking in just the last two weeks! – you can find photography, downloads, digital assets, web fonts and templates, all in one convenient location.

Working with a vendor who needs access to UA lockups/logos? They should go to the “Vendor Log-in” button and log in with their Google account. They will first get guest access, and the login will trigger an account creation in the system where Marketing and Brand Management (MBM) will then add permissions.

Because “Brand” is recently refurbished, MBM wants your feedback. Check it out when you have a chance and email them at

what's happening

All workshops are 2pm-3pm in the Copper room, Student Union fourth floor.

December 13th, 2017
Executing the UA Brand

You don’t have to be a visual designer, copywriter, or marketer to learn how to express our University of Arizona brand. Understand our key messaging and how to write to it, what visual (graphic and photo) elements can be incorporated and when, and how to translate that brand in all environments and platforms.

Presented by:
Evi Loveres, Creative Director
Dann Niegocki, Associate Creative Director

Divisional staff, get an updated headshot

Check back soon for a schedule of divisional staff headshots

Download our photo guidelines to make sure you look your best!

NOTE: We use a dark gray backdrop, so consider wearing a contrasting color to look your best. Also, while you’ll come away with a beautiful headshot, we do only light editing and touch-ups. If you are seeking advanced portrait services, we recommend paying for a professional photography studio.

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"Marketing was a place where creativity was encouraged, professionalism nurtured, and collaboration treated as a cornerstone to successful marketing."

Ben Montemayor (class of 2014)

Editor, Creative Producer