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January 9th, 2018
Writing with Style: A Tool for Communicators

Did you resolve to write more in the new year? Or simply to write better? It’s hard to make sure you’re writing on brand and using key messaging while also figuring out whether CatCard needs a space between the words (it doesn’t, but Cat Tran does).

The University of Arizona Style Guide answers the age-old question of what Wilbur’s last name is. Or perhaps you just need to know when to include “the” with University of Arizona, or how to refer to a regent.

Download it, keep it handy and never worry about misspelling “OSIRIS-REx” ever again.

November 28th, 2017
The Brief on Creative Briefs

You’re working with SAEM/AISS Marketing on a campaign. You’ve approved a marketing plan and you’re just excited to see what the team comes up with. And your marketing manager keeps referring to a Creative Brief. So what the heck is a Creative Brief?

The Creative Brief is essentially the GPS for the team to develop the campaign’s creative deliverables. It keeps the creative team (the visual designers, content producers, developers, videographers) laser focused on the objectives and goals of the marketing plan. Like the marketing plan, it can be complex or relatively simple: it will identify the marketing “problem” being solved, share key insights from our subject matter experts, and may even include a budget.

The creative brief may include components like:

  • get (audience) to (objective) by (argument / single most important message)
  • challenge / problem / opportunity
  • key insights (background from partners, information about target audience)
  • proof points / reasons why
  • timeline
  • budget (can be range)
  • parameters / mandatories (must include this logo, use this tag line)
  • review and approval process (identifying point of contact and stakeholders)
November 14th, 2017
What’s a Marketing Plan? I just want a tri-fold!

Our divisional partners often approach us with requests for specific pieces. "We need a brochure / a postcard / a poster." Our response can involve asking questions. What are you trying to do? Who is your audience? What are your goals? Sometimes a brochure is the appropriate tactic, other times we may want to explore creating a marketing plan for your area.

While marketing plans can be very complex, they don't have to be. But taking the time to develop one ensures your precious marketing resources are working the hardest for you. We can help!

At a minimum, your plan should involve these elements:

  • What institutional goal does this plan support?
  • Marketing goal (how do we want our audience to feel; what perception do we want to change?)
  • Marketing objectives (what are we going to measure, and what are the goals for these metrics?)
  • Audience(s) (what are our primary audience's key attributes and motivations? What makes them act and what's competing for their attention?)
  • Messaging (aligned with UA brand)
  • Strategies (tied to objectives. The ways in which we will accomplish the goal)
  • Tactics (tied to strategies)
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"Marketing was a place where creativity was encouraged, professionalism nurtured, and collaboration treated as a cornerstone to successful marketing."

Ben Montemayor (class of 2014)

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