Freshman Admissions / Videography

We’ve all seen the standard college commercial.

You know, the one with the pretty campus shots and the smiling students with a few depictions of academics and athletics thrown in for good measure. They might give you a taste of what life is like at these colleges, but there’s nothing that really differentiates them from one another.

We all know there’s no place else like the UA. So we needed to make sure there would be nothing else like the 2017 freshman recruitment video.

“The main objective of the video is to get prospective students excited about the UA so they will be encouraged to apply,” said Rebecca Bailey, Sr. Associate Director, who oversaw the project.

Rather than using live action shots, team members decided to take a strategic risk by not showing any actual b-roll of campus. Instead, the video would use motion graphics and stop motion animation to help it stand out.

“We are always pushing the envelope with new tactics and trends that we think will appeal to the Gen Z demographic,” Rebecca said. “There is a lot vying for their attention, so we always have to think about how to break through the clutter so they will pay attention to our message.”

So what’s something that Gen Zers always pay attention to? Social media, of course.

To tell a story, the video incorporates a social media feed – similar to Instagram’s – highlighting the perks of being a Wildcat with video and stop motion sequences depicting various scenarios. Moving into the residence halls, being part of ZonaZoo, studying for class, getting real-world experience, and fueling with caffeine are all staple activities of a UA education.

When you watch the video, you will notice many hands moving in and out of the frame. No, we didn’t hire professional hand models for the shoot; those hands belong to many volunteers from our office. And yes, someone did actually have to eat the Highland Burrito bite-by-bite to achieve the stop motion effect used in the video.

“I am very pleased with the final result,” said videographer Antonio Villagomez. “The positive reaction the video has generated is the result of many hours of hard work our video and design team dedicated to the project.”

See the finished product here.